WTF is Kale?

We arrived in the scene by the experiment, starting growing a few plants of kale in 2019. We tested our first products in our kitchen with the blender we bought for our last cash. As the experiments kept going and we were successfully hustling our stuff through our Instagram account, we realized one thing. Our initials sticked together, stands for K.A.L.E. and we thought – Holy Kale! That’s powerful.

Kale has a rich history that spans thousands of years. From it’s origins in the eastern Mediterranean to it’s current resurgence in popularity, kale has remained a versatile and nutritious vegetable enjoyed by the people around the world. It’s long journey through history is a testament to it’s enduring appeal and health benefits, like the richest source of Vitamin K, Iron and fiber.

Biodynamic agriculture ir our approach to our kind of faring that amphasizes holistic, regenrative practices and aims to create a self-sustaining growing more than 30 hectares of kale in 4 different countries. We have around 20 products in our porfolio in 2024. We approach different production methods to rock out the every last piece of every kale leaf using only natural / organic additives. As you see in the picture – we love animals and we find’em cool in life, not in slaughterhouse. So, yes – our products are vegan.

We blend to make pesto. We age to maek Kimchi’s and fibres. We dry to make chips and spices. And we are doing that to make our products accessible to everyone. Before all the prizes in exhibitions, at first we want to see a happy and healthy youth. Youth that doesn’t know about 3XL size pants in the 3rd grade. Youth that will be strong enough to take care of us, when we will be 70, drinking vegan – skin renewal beers in a rocking chair.

SIA “KALE LATVIA ORGANIC” has concluded contract no. 28.02.2023. SKV-L-2023/28 with LIAA for support under the European Regional Development Fund project “Promotion of International Competitiveness” (project identification number