Functional food

Kale chips

In order to contain the high levels of vitamins and minerals, these are dried instead of fried. All flavors are suitable for a vegan diet, are low in fat and without added oils in the drying process. High in fiber and vitamins K, C and A, as well as iron, protein, selenium. Low in sodium and sugars.

Kale pesto

Kale pesto recipe has been carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients until a balanced flavor is achieved. Each kale pesto has three core ingredients – kale, almonds and olive oil. This process took the creators of this product approximately three years.

Kale kimchi

Kale kimchi is our latest product. For a long time Kimchi has been the South Korean traditional dish, which has more than 230 different variations. Although the original napa cabbage is replaced with kale, the flavor and intensity remains true. Fermented in a barrel over multiple months, this intense, Latvian combination of flavors is truly unique.


Kale company was founded in Latvia by two rather crazy young individuals in 2019 and over years it has grown from an idea – just a few seeds to growing vast hectares of organic Kale. Kale plant has a very long history – it had been grown in Latvia since the middle of the 15th century.

Our compan’s approach is to prepare kale according to the ancient traditions but with a modern twist.

We are reviving the royal status of this powerfood by creating a wide range of Kale products available worldwide. Currently there are more than 16 Kale products and we are planning many more in the future.

All our products are prepared to preserve maximum of the valuable substances found in kale.

We use over 95% of each kale leave including the whole stem to produce our products – we use every bit of its powerfood features and deliver to you!