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Kale chips

In order to contain the high levels of vitamins and minerals, these are dried instead of fried. All flavors are suitable for a vegan diet, are low in fat and without added oils in the drying process. High in fiber and vitamins K, C and A, as well as iron, protein, selenium. Low in sodium and sugars.

Kale kimchi

Kale kimchi is our latest product. For a long time Kimchi has been the South Korean traditional dish, which has more than 230 different variations. Although the original napa cabbage is replaced with kale, the flavor and intensity remains true. Fermented in a barrel over multiple months, this intense, Latvian combination of flavors is truly unique.

Kale pesto

Kale pesto recipe has been carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients until a balanced flavor is achieved. Each kale pesto has three core ingredients – kale, almonds and olive oil. This process took the creators of this product approximately three years.

WTF is Kale?

At first, it’s an epic plant! Secondly, Kalé is an organic brand, based in Latvia with 10+ products in its portfolio, approaching different production methods to rock out the every last piece of every kale leaf using only natural / organic additives. We blend to make pesto. We age to make Kimchi’s and fibres. We dry to make chips and spices. And we are doing that to make our products accessible to everyone

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